CSMC IDP Workshop Registration

Individual Development Planning Workshop

  • Date:  Saturday, June 20, 2015
  • Time:  8:00 am to noon
  • Location:  107 Klamath Hall, University of Oregon
  • Workshop facilitator: Dr. Julie Haack, Assistant Department Head, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oregon

In 2005, a survey of 7,600 US postdoctoral scholars (Davis 2005) found that postdocs who began their appointment with a written plan, developed in collaboration with their advisors, published more first-authored papers and submitted more grant proposals than their peers without a written plan.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are planning documents that can help you identify and communicate your research and career goals to PIs and other mentors. IDPs are gaining traction with NIH and NSF as required components of graduate student training and postdoctoral mentoring. One of the most challenging aspects of individual development planning is how to identify and explore opportunities that are either unfamiliar or may become viable and interesting as you grow and gain experience.

During this workshop you will learn about the process of developing an IDP and begin developing your own plan.  You will

  1. create professional goals and objectives;
  2. assess current and needed skills relative to career aspirations
  3. develop a strategy to acquire the skills needed to achieve both short and long term goals. In addition, you will have an opportunity to work with center faculty to collaboratively identify and integrate common professional development goals with the future directions of the center.

After the workshop, we are planning a team-building (and fun!) activity. We'll meet at Darren Johnson's house for Texas Style BBQ around 2pm. We'll post details in emails to the registrants.


Davis, G. 2005. Doctors without orders. American Scientist 93 (3, supplement). http://postdoc.sigmaxi.org/results/

The Individual Development Plan for Graduate Students at the University of Minnesota

Registration is free, but required. The deadline to register is 5 June 2015.

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