Spotlight: Maisha Kamunde-Devonish

Maisha Kamunde-Devonish is currently a graduate student in Chemistry at the University of Oregon. Her research interests center on developing inorganic cluster precursor materials with device applications. 

Currently, most of the materials used to make devices such as semiconductors require high-energy temperature and pressure inputs. Within the Center, Maisha’s current research efforts focus on the synthesis of aluminum and indium semi-conducting materials that require lower energy inputs. In addition, she works in collaboration with other Center members to study their fundamental solid- and solution-state properties.

Maisha received her B.S. in Chemistry at California State University, Chico in 2007 under the advisement of Dr. Randy L. Miller. She now works for Dr. Darren W. Johnson. As a part of CSMC outreach efforts, Maisha has been a student mentor to undergraduates in the Sustainable Materials Research Training (SMaRT) camp. She is also a member of the Student Council for Innovation (SCI), moderates for CSMC events, and helps to write and edit for the CSMC website.  


Recent Presentations and Posters

Kamunde-Devonish, M.  “Characterization of clusters using solid state NMR, raman spectrsocopy, numerical modeling, and changes induced by RF heating” National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. March 23, 2013.

Kamunde-Devonish, M. “Women in the Sciences” American Association of University Women, Eugene, OR. January 12, 2013.

Johnson, D. W.; Oliveri, A. F.; Carnes, M. E.; Kamunde-Devonish, M. K.; Fairley, K. C.; Zakharov, L. N. “Nanoscale Aqueous Inorganic Clusters: Designing Greener Syntheses, Understanding Solution Speciation and Developing Precursors for Advanced Materials” NOBCChE 2012 39th Annual Meeting (AM39), INOR-01, Washington, D. C. September 25-28, 2012.