Ryan Frederick is headed to the Engineering Exo

Source (full article):  OSU News and Communication

CSMC will be represented at the Engineering Research Expo to be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on 4 March. CSMC graduate student Ryan Frederick will join hundreds of engineering graduate students. Ryan is currently a student in Greg Herman's laboratory.

Ryan will be discussing his work on oxide hydroxide sulfate (HafSOx) for nanopatterning studies. As Ryan explained to OSU News and Communication: “What’s promising in our current research is that we can study the effects of low-energy electrons on HafSOx – an entirely new area of investigation which is relevant to future generations of nano-lithography. We are also able to use the ESD system on our center’s newer films to better understand radiation induced chemistries.”

The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. More information and registration is available online at http://gradexpo.engineering.oregonstate.edu

Portland, OR