Doug Keszler to receive ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials

The American Chemical Society has announced the recipients for their 2017 awards, and we're thrilled to see one of our own among the list of names. 
Dr. Douglas Keszler, our center director, is the 2017 winner of the ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials, which is sponsored by DuPont. This award is given to acknowledge and promote creative work in materials chemistry, which Dr. Keszler has no shortage of.
To be eligible for this award the recipient "must have made outstanding contributions to the chemistry of materials. Particular emphasis will be placed on research relating to materials of actual or potential technological importance, where a fundamental understanding of the chemistry associated with materials preparation, processing, or use is critical.” 
The award will be given out at an award ceremony on April 4, 2017 during the 2017 National ACS Meeting in San Francisco, California. The CSMC is planning on proposing a symposium at this conference, which we will provide more information on in the coming months. 
Congratulations, Dr. Keszler, you truly deserve this award. 
If you would like more information on the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry you can watch our NSF Science Nation video, featuring Doug Keszler. 
You can find out more about the award at the ACS Award page here