CSMC recognized through ACS Regional Award

Judy Giordan, Doug Keszler, and Rich Carter are the recipients of the 2017 ACS Northwest Region Partners for Progress and Prosperity Award, which was announced Tuesday night at the NORM 2017 Awards Banquet in Corvallis, OR.  

These three have collaborated through the Center of Sustainable Materials Chemisty, directed by Keszler, and Research2Innovation2Society, the OSU NRT-IGE where both Carter and Giordan are principal investigators. They are receiving this award "for the successful partnership between ecosVC, CSMC, and OSU NRT-IGE   to support entrepreneurship, innovation, and career advancement in the chemical enterprise".

Since its foundation, the CSMC has partnered with ecosVC to hold multiple Lens of the Market® workshops, providing students, postdocs, and faculty the opportunity to learn the vocabulary and the skills to become innovators.    

The following is an excerpt from the NORM website and tells why the American Chemical Society has chosen these three for this award: ACS recognizes the awardees for introduction and expansion of the Lens of the Market® (LoM) program at Oregon State University. LoM uniquely advances innovation education and commercialization work by informing students and faculty how to translate basic research to address real market needs. LoM represents a unique and progressive training paradigm that helps participants realize both the full scientific and societal value of their work.

About The Partners for Progress and Prosperity Award

Sponsor: American Chemical Society. The award was established in 2014 by ACS Past-President Marinda Li Wu. It will be awarded in the ACS Northwest Region 2015 to 2018.

Purpose: To encourage and recognize successful and exemplary partnerships, the Partners for Progress and Prosperity (P3) Award was established as an award to be given by Local ACS Sections, ACS International Chapters, and ACS Regional Meetings. The P3 Award recognizes partnerships among industry, academia, government, small businesses and/or other organizations that result in impactful outcomes for the chemical enterprise.

Nature: The Award will be presented at the Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society on June 27 in Corvallis, OR. The award consists of a special Partner for Progress and Prosperity (P3) silver/gold medallion plus a framed certificate of recognition (one for each Partner representing an entity or organization) plus a $1,000 grant to further the activities for which the award is made. The Awards Committee of the ACS Regional Board of Directors selected the Regional P3 Award winners. The regional awardees automatically become nominees for the Global P3 Award to be selected by the International Activities Committee of the American Chemical Society

About the Awardees

Judy Giordan is the managing director for ecosVC, an OSU professor of practice, and co-PI for the OSU NRT-IGE.

Douglas Keszler is the Director for the Center of Sustainable Materials Chemistry, an OSU distinguished professor, and the associate dean for graduate research in the OSU College of Science.

Rich Carter is a co-PI for the OSU NRT-IGE, an OSU professor, and the CEO and co-founder of Valliscor.

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