CSMC-OMSI Partnership for Public Engagement (COPPE)

The goal of COPPE was to develop a strong partnership between CSMC researchers and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) educators that will lead to a deeper understanding of each other's professions and, through that process, to develop a suite of Informal Science Education (ISE) outreach programs that will engage the public in new and lasting ways. The project was started with a supplemental grant through NSF and our collaboration with OMSI continues. These new ISE platforms engage with the public on the topics of CSMC science, chemistry, and sustainability.
About OMSI: Founded in 1944 in Portland, Oregon, OMSI is an educational and social hub for people of all ages. OMSI makes science exciting and relevant with over 219,000 square feet of exhibits, educational programs, and experiences presented in an entertaining and participatory fashion. OMSI's services allow people to explore and invent, to problem solve and think creatively. This past year, more than 858,000 people visited the museum alone, including more than 78,000 children.


OMSI-CSMC from CSMC on Vimeo.

Watch our videos on a joint project, "Story of a Photon"


Story of Photon from CSMC on Vimeo.

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