WashU Graduate Research Symposium


Sophia Hayes to be the Keynote Speaker at the WashU Graduate Research Symposium

Hosted by the Graduate Student Senate, the Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) provides the opportunity for graduate and professional students from all disciplines to present their research to a broad academic audience. It not only fosters community across academic fields, but also allows graduate students to share their passion for research and their unique contributions to the field. Graduate students will practice communicating as a scholar with versatility to the range of audiences students will encounter throughout their graduate work and in their own careers. Each year, a speaker is chosen by the Graduate Student Senate to address the importance of this kind of interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration. This year, the committee invited Dr. Hayes to be the keynote speaker.

Poster presentations of the symposium will take place from 12-2 pm
Keynote will be part of the awards ceremony starting at around 2:20-2:30pm.