Journal Editor Panel Q&A Session

As part of the CSMC Paper-writing course, we are having a Journal Editor Panel Q&A session on Thursday January 29th from 2-4 pm. The idea is for students taking the course to ask questions of the editors about all manner of topics related to manuscript submissions, cover letters, suggested reviewers, the review process, revisions, etc. Professor Susan Kauzlarich (UC Davis, editor of Chemistry of Materials) and our own Jim Hutchison (Environmental Science Nano) and Darren Johnson (Supramolecular Chemistry) have graciously agreed to be the panelists. Milton Jackson will be moderating the session. 

We would like to open this session up to other CSMC students and faculty.  Those at UO are invited to participate in the session in person (Room 436 LISB). Those at OSU can join remotely from Gilbert 312. CSMC researchers at other locations can join via GoToWebinar link below.

If you have particular questions you would like to ask the panel, please email them in advance to Andy Bedingfield.  Alternatively, there will be an opportunity to ask 'live' questions during the session as well for remote participants via the GoToWebinar link. For remote participants, please type your questions into the question field after you sign in to the webinar.

GoToWebinar Link:

We hope you are able to participate in what should be an interesting and informative session! 

Catherine Page

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403